About Me

I’m Heidi, a nursing student, author and Christian based in East Yorkshire. I have always grown up in a Christian family and at the age of 14 took the decision to make my faith my own and was baptized.  Since then my faith has grown and God has supported me through the good and the bad times in my life. Four years ago I was in one of the darkest places I have ever been, I was suffering from Anorexia. This year I published my first book called ‘Handmade by God’ which tells my story of how, with the help of God, I was healed from anorexia. My relationship with God and trust in him got me through that time in my life and I am now 100% recovered and living my life again. I believe faith is not some tick box entitled ‘religion’ but a way of life, I strive to live my life guided by God’s plan for me and I am constantly building and developing my relationship with him.

I wanted to create this space to share with you some of my thoughts and feelings and for you to share yours.

I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me…