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Handmade By God

Last year I published my first book ‘Handmade by God’. The book tells the story of how I developed and battled anorexia, my road to recovery and how, by the love and grace of God was healed again.

The book also contains 52 inspiring bible verses that encouraged me during my recovery and my thoughts on the verses.

Handmade frontThe book and selection of bible verses were designed and chosen to encourage people on a day to day basis and remind us of how wonderfully and beautifully we were made! The book is not only suitable for people affected by an eating disorder, but for those suffering with low self esteem, body image issues, depression, low confidence or anyone who wants a bit of a daily boost. Its also great to use as a weekly bible study or devotional.


Bellow is a one page extract from my book.

“See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are! But the people who belong to this world don’t recognize that we are God’s children because they don’t know him”

1 John 3:1 (NLT)

 We are Gods children and he is our father. That means he loves us as a father loves a child. He made us to be unique, special, individual, beautiful and perfect just as we are, he wouldn’t change one thing about you, not one! However we can often be critical about ourselves and can’t see what God can see. He handmade you and he loves everything about you, you are perfect in his eyes. So let’s try and look at ourselves the way God can see us, unique, wonderful and beautiful.

What people have said:

‘This is a lovely introduction to the walk of faith in which we learn to lean on the Lord Jesus.  It will prove to be a valuable book for those searching for a closer walk with Him.’
Sharon Edwards, BBC Reporter

Wow! What a touching story, there are a lot of girls who are going through what Heidi went through and this book will touch their hearts as it touched mine’
Pastor Stuart Elliot, former Hull City player

‘Heidi’s story isn’t dissimilar to the increasing number of young people who are developing eating disorders in order to conform to the unrealistic expectations that society presents to them. In this book Heidi shares her own story and a selection of bible passages that teach us some essential truths about how God feels about us and how we often need to face up to the lies society tells us and come back to our loving Father who accepts, welcomes and calls us just as we are. I hope that people reading this book will realize that ultimate satisfaction in who we are comes from accepting that God, our creator, has made us who we are and that our self-esteem and self-worth needs to be rooted in Him.’                                                               Mark Tiddy, Youth Leader

“Thank you for the book that you wrote… I have drawn such a lot of comfort and reassurance from your words, and the words of God. The collection of Bible verses is so inspiring; I am battling myself with anorexia at the moment and it is wonderful to have your book as a quick reference collection of the most inspiring words that can help motivate me when times are tough. Your story is ever so inspirational and I’m so grateful that you decided to write and publish your book – it is such a help to people like myself”                                                                                          Anonymous Reader 

“I used to go to church every week but, even then, I didn’t interpret the bible verses like Heidi did. She’s so young too… it really helped me to see those passages, in that light.”                                                                                                    Anonymous Reader                                                             

Click on the links below to get more information about the book and to find out where you can purchase ‘Handmade By God’ …


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